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Occupational health

Our Flying Physios can attend your worksite and complete the following:

1) Ergonomic Consultations - have your office  or work environment assessed to provide optimal positionin and work posture, thus reducing the chance of injuries.

2) Worksite Assessments - evaluating particular workstations plus possible modifications if an employee is injured. Worksite assessments are recommended where therre are reports of pain or discomfort at work, or following extended periods away from tasks that may be demanding. Worksite assessments are an integral part of any return to work or rehabiliatation program.

3) Treatment - If you have a small office available, we can set up a treatment room with our portable bed and physiotherapy equipment, allowing us to treat your workers at the worksite. Thissaves time, encourages compliance and lessens disruption. Just call our friendly receptions to book an appointment.


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